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Nodal Analysis - Circuit with Dependent Voltage Source

Determine the power of each source after solving the circuit by the nodal analysis.
Nodal Analysis - Supernode - Dependent Voltage Source 1

Answers:  P_{I_x}=0.497W, P_{1A}=-1.806W, P_{2A}=4.254W, P_{3V}=-3.87W, and  P_{5V}=-3.552W


I. Identify all nodes in the circuit.
The circuit has 6 nodes as highlighted below.
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Problem 1-9: Power of a Current Source

Find the power of  Is_1 using circuit reduction methods.
Resistive Circuits - Circuit Reduction Method

 R_1 and  R_4 are parallel.  R_2 and  R_3 are also parallel. Therefore:
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