Solving a Simple Circuit of Three Elements

A simple circuit is solved and power absorbed or supplied by each element is determined. KCL as well as Ohm’s law are used in solving the circuit. positive sign convention is used in determining element powers. It is shown and discussed how a source, here current source, can be neither absorbing or supplying power. It is also mentioned that resistors are passive elements and always absorb power/energy.

Power and Energy Conservation

A circuit with two sources and three two port elements is studied. Some voltages and currents are given. Voltage of the voltage source is unknown. We need to analyze the circuit, find power of other elements and use the energy conservation to determine the power of the voltage source.

Total Energy Stored – Circuit with Capacitors and Inductors

Total energy stored in a circuit is calculated by finding the energy stored in each capacitor and each inductor and adding them up. The circuit has two capacitors, two inductors and two independent dc sources.