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Find Voltage Using Voltage Division Rule

Determine voltage across R_2 and R_4 using voltage division rule.
Assume that
V_1=20 V, R_1=10 \Omega, R_2=5 \Omega, R_3=30 \Omega and R_4=10 \Omega
solve using voltage division rule

Please note that the voltage division rule cannot be directly applied. This is to say that:
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Problem 1-9: Power of a Current Source

Find the power of  Is_1 using circuit reduction methods.
Resistive Circuits - Circuit Reduction Method

 R_1 and  R_4 are parallel.  R_2 and  R_3 are also parallel. Therefore:
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Problem 1-7: Circuit Reduction - Current Divider

Find  I_9 (Hint: use circuit reduction).
All resistors are  10\Omega and  Is_1=10A
Problem 1-7 - Circuit Reduction

Let's redraw the circuit:
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