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Solve Using Current Division Rule

Find current of resistors, use the current division rule.
Problem 1246 (1)
Suppose that R_1=2 \Omega, R_2=4 \Omega, R_3=1 \Omega, I_S=5 A and V_S=4 V

R_2 and R_3 are parallel. The current of I_S is passing through them and it is actually divided between them. The branch with lower resistance has higher current because electrons can pass through that easier than the other branch. Using the current division rule, we get
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Problem 1-7: Circuit Reduction - Current Divider

Find  I_9 (Hint: use circuit reduction).
All resistors are  10\Omega and  Is_1=10A
Problem 1-7 - Circuit Reduction

Let's redraw the circuit:
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