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Mesh Analysis - Supermesh

Solve the circuit and find the power of sources:
Problem 1226 - 1
V_S=10V, I_S=4 A, R_1=2 \Omega, R_2=6 \Omega, R_3=1 \Omega, R_4=2 \Omega.

There are three meshes in the circuit. So, we need to assign three mesh currents. It is better to have all the mesh currents loop in the same direction (usually clockwise) to prevent errors when writing out the equations.
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Nodal Analysis - Circuit with Dependent Voltage Source

Determine the power of each source after solving the circuit by the nodal analysis.
Nodal Analysis - Supernode - Dependent Voltage Source 1

Answers:  P_{I_x}=0.497W, P_{1A}=-1.806W, P_{2A}=4.254W, P_{3V}=-3.87W, and  P_{5V}=-3.552W


I. Identify all nodes in the circuit.
The circuit has 6 nodes as highlighted below.
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Problem 1-8: Nodal Analysis - Power of Current Source

Solve the circuit using nodal analysis and find the power of  Is_1 .
Problem 1-8 - Nodal Analysis and Power Calculation

a) Choose a reference node, label the voltages:
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