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Find Thevenin's and Norton's Equivalent Circuits

Find Thevenin's and Norton's Equivalent Circuits:
Suppose that R_1=5\Omega, R_2=3\Omega and I_S=2 A.


The circuit has both independent and dependent sources. In these cases, we need to find open circuit voltage and short circuit current to determine Norton's (and also Thevenin's) equivalent circuits.
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Find Voltage Using Voltage Division Rule

Determine voltage across R_2 and R_4 using voltage division rule.
Assume that
V_1=20 V, R_1=10 \Omega, R_2=5 \Omega, R_3=30 \Omega and R_4=10 \Omega
solve using voltage division rule

Please note that the voltage division rule cannot be directly applied. This is to say that:
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Thévenin's Theorem - Circuit with Two Independent Sources

Use Thévenin's theorem to determine  I_O.

Thevenin's Theorem - Circuit containing two independent sources

Fig. (1-27-1) - Circuit with two independent sources

Lets break the circuit at the  3\Omega load as shown in Fig. (1-27-2).
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