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Reference Node and Node Voltages

Reference Node
In circuits, we usually label a node as the reference node also called ground and define the other node voltages with respect to this point. The reference node has a potential of  0 V by definition. The following symbol is used to indicate the reference node:

The Reference Node Symbol

The Reference Node Symbol

As mentioned, the selection of the reference node is arbitrary. However, a wise selection can make the solving easier. As a general rule, it is usually chosen to be
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Problem 1-12: Using Voltage Sources to Determine Node Voltages

Determine the power of  R_1, R_2 and  Vs_1. (Hint: there is no need to use nodal analysis; voltages between nodes can be easily found by the voltage sources.)
Voltage sources can be used to fing node voltages

KVL around the loop
 V_{R_1}= Vs_1 = 10v \rightarrow P_{R_1}=\frac{V_{R_1}^2}{R_1}=50 W
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