Solve the circuit by nodal analysis and find the power of  Is_1 .
Circuit with Three Nodes - Solving with the Nodal Analysis

a) Choose a reference node, label node voltages:
Choosing a reference point and lebelling nodes for the nodal analysis

b) Apply KCL to each node:
 V_1 can be found by the voltage source:  V_1 = Vs_1 = 10v .
KCL @ node 2:

 Is_1 + \frac{V_2}{R_2}+\frac{V_2-V_1} {R_4}=0
 V_2=9.6 v

c) Find the required value:
 P_{Is_1} = Is_1 \times V_2 = - 19.2 W , supplying.

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