Determine the power of each source.
Voltage and Current Sources
Voltage and Current Sources

a) The current source keeps the current of the loop  2A and the voltage source keeps the voltage across the current source  3v as shown below.

Voltage and Current Sources

For the voltage source the current enters from the positive terminal. Therefore, the passive sign convention should be used to find the sign of power:
 P=V \times I= 3 \times 2 =6W > 0 absorbing power
For the current source, the current leaves from the positive terminal. Hence, the active sign convention should be used:
 P= - V \times I= - 3 \times 2 =-6W < 0 supplying power

b) Similarily, the voltage across the current source and the currentpassing through thevoltage source can be easily determined by voltage and current sources, respectively:
Voltage and Current Sources
For this problem, the current enters to the voltage source from the negative terminal. Thus, the active sign convention should be used:

 P=-V \times I= -3 \times 2 =-6W  0 absorbing power

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  1. sir,
    whats the main difference of absorbing power and supplying power??
    mainly here, the circuits consists of 2 SOURCE….. which one is absorb the power from other???

    1. Would you please clarify your question? In circuit a, the voltage source is absorbing current from the current source. In b, the current source is absorbing power from the voltage source.

    2. if i m not wrong . Example, Absorbing power = when u connect source to battery, & supplying power = when u charge battery,

  2. i am totally confused when there is a voltage source and a current source in a circuit

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